A new concierge and personal assistant service at the click of a finger? Yes please!

There’s cereal all over the floor, purple crayon on the wall and you’ve just stubbed your foot on a piece of Lego AGAIN! Don’t you wish you could just press a button and make it all disappear? Dream no more ladies, Jamesdaisy is your very own online personal assistant and concierge service, tailored for busy women and mums!

We know that this all sounds a bit luxurious, but hey sometimes you do deserve a break or not only that, a treat! This is definitely one to put on the Christmas wish list.

Mumpreneur Amy Marshall, say’s her service is all about taking a break to delegate and finding the joy in that delegation.

Gardening, ironing and general cleaning are only some of the options on the Jamesdaisy service menu. If you really feel as though stepping on that last Lego brick has thrown you over the edge you can even treat yourself to a private in-house Yoga lesson.

Or perhaps watching you singlehandedly scrub Crayon off the wall, sweep cereal into the bin, get the kids ready for school and yourself ready for work, while suffering from a Lego injury has made your significant other feel like treating you. They can choose from $50 and $100 gift vouchers, which could go towards anything from a full day personal shopper to an at home massage service. We’d be faking injuries for sure.

– Cleaning
– Yoga
– Massage
– Personal Shopper/Assistant
– Ironing
– Gardening
– Services upon request

For more information visit: www.jamesdaisy.com.au
Instagram: @jamesdaisyforyou
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