In between the annoyance of not being able to find that favourite blouse amongst all the others or needing to pop down to Ikea to buy more storage for an ever-growing shoe collection, we often forget how truly lucky we are.

There are thousands of women in South Australia who are facing a range of adverse circumstances whilst raising young children – be it domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, generational poverty and / or homelessness, with just the clothes on their back. Often it’s the same for the children who have never owned anything new, or age-appropriate, let alone suitable for school.

Clothing provides practical benefits of course, but clothing also serves us in other ways; it’s an extension of our personality. Expression through fashion is a luxury.

MumKIND are launching their major ‘Get Changed’ initiative and are seeking donations of high quality women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

Further to this, they are seeking partnerships with fashion wholesalers and retailers, and people who work in the fashion industry for donations of end-of-season stock.

We need to donate mindfully. The sale of high quality clothing in charity shops is an important revenue source for many charities; with this income, we can support the most marginalised people in our society. These shops are run by volunteers and rely on high-quality donations.

MumKIND are welcoming anything from winter coats, dresses, jumpers, skirts, pants, jeans, hats, boots, summer dresses, trousers, shorts and sandals – and even special occasion items like evening dresses and dinner suits.

Want to make a direct impact?
There are over 30 + drop off points in SA, so check their website for the one that is closest to you and GET INVOLVED!