top 10 family fringe shows

Top 10 family friendly Adelaide Fringe shows

To say we can’t wait for this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival would be an understatement – the buzz around this year’s Fringe is next level because we are all just.so.keen to get our kids and families out of the house and seeing some shows!

Children’s shows at the Adelaide Fringe 2021

The Fringe Guide is out now, and boy there’s a lot to look forward to, especially for kids and families, with an absolute plethora of family friendly Fringe shows lined up for the 2021 Fringe Festival.

To give you a head start on what to look out for when picking your shows for this year, we’ve selected a Top 10 family friendly Fringe shows for the upcoming season.

OK truth be told, there’s a couple more than 10, but that’s because there are just so many options for kid friendly Fringe shows this year that we couldn’t stop at just 10!

There’s a whole bunch of fun here for the kids (and the adults!), with comedy, magic, circus, acrobatic mermaids and even live bubble shows.. not to mention a show that’s been written specifically for babies and toddlers!

Top 10 Family Friendly Fringe Shows 2021

Circus the show


STEP RIGHT UP, STEP RIGHT UP! Prepare to enter a world of whimsical wonders where your imagination will soar like never before, in this completely re-imagined family circus spectacular!

From the creators of ‘The Greatest Magic Show’, CIRCUS is the latest trailblazer in children’s entertainment sure to astound & amaze the entire family! Featuring world-class illusions, impressive feats of acrobatics, mind-boggling juggling stunts poised high above the stage, & enough side-splitting comedy to send any grown man running for the toilet!

Don’t miss out on your chance to take a wondrous journey with the enchanting Ringmaster, charismatic Clown, and many other world-class acts in this bewildering show about embracing your differences & never losing sight of your dreams – no matter how wild!

Presented by: Sam Hume – Showmen Productions

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something in the water for kids

Something in the Water: For Kids

Grumms doesn’t see themselves in the Barbies or G.I Joes they play with. Instead, they find solace in their superhero comic books. When Grumms transforms into a horrible squid-like monster (think Creature from the Black Lagoon meets The Muppets) they must hide their secret identity and disguise as a ‘normal, human woman’. Cartoonish chaos ensues, and only by being their true self can Grumms become the superhero they’ve always wanted to be.

Superhero or horrible monster?

You decide.

Puppets, superpowers and hilarious physical comedy combine in this absurd award-winning comedy – only this time it’s for the whole family.

Presented by: S.E. Grummet – Scantily Glad Productions

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Petit Circus

Petit Circus: Bon Appetit

Petit Circus returns with a brand new show in 2021!

Bon Appetit, a brand new themed circus show set in a restaurant, this 45 minute show is packed with amazing acrobatics, stacks of silliness, perfect for children aged 3+, and the young at heart. Come and see why this audience favourite has performed at Fringe every year for 10 years and got 5 stars from the Advertiser in 2019!

Presented by: Highwire Entertainment

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bubble show mini milkshake

Bubble Show with Mini Milkshake

A New Bubble Show Every Year from Fringe Favourites and World Class Soap Bubble Performers Dr Bubble and Milkshake with TV appearances across Europe and Asia. Come see Shadow Bubbles, Illuminated Bubbles, Square bubbles, Smoke bubbles, spinning carousels, track bubbles, vortexes, bubble puppets, giant bubble tubes and a million-bubble finale!

Presented by: Bubble Laboratory

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bubba licious adelaide fringe


Yes, it’s a show for babies! Mums & Dads who are dying to get their new humans out to the fringe, this show is for you!

Inspired by being a new mum, Kat Placing has devised a show for babbling babies & tireless toddlers! It is a sensory display of colour, sound, light & movement to spark joy and ignite wonder. Incorporating puppetry, clowning, bubbles, shadow play & much more. It is a 30min sampler of stimulation for hungry minds. Created to delight audiences 6m to 3 years.

Taking place within the Gluttony grounds it ensures a much needed day out for fringe fun and family bonding.

All performances are relaxed where we expect bubs to be bubs.

Presented by: Funtime Kids and Last Dodo Entertainment

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Billie and the outback dinosaurs

Billie and the Outback Dinosaurs

Bullies aren’t so tough when your best friend’s a Dinosaur!

A lonely girl, a mean gang and a lost valley full of Aussie Dinosaurs.

With Tim Ferguson as the nutty, long-suffering teacher Mr Longbean.

Presented by: Stella Rose Productions

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the lost sheep show

The Lost Sheep Show

He runs! He hides! He climbs! He’s stuck! It’s Cecil the Sheep and Andrew McDonough in an action packed, storytelling, sheep drawing extravaganza! Visit the studio where Andrew draws the Lost Sheep stories. Discover how picture books are made. See an illustrator in action. Hear wild stories. Best of all, everybody gets to draw a sheep!

Presented by: Andrew McDonough

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Circus Wonderland

Circus Wonderland – A Mermaids Tail

Wonderland Spiegeltent presents Circus Wonderland – A Mermaid’s Tale. An ALL NEW all-star line up of fun and the Golden Era of Circus.

Circus Wonderland – A Mermaid’s Tale will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Be astounded and amazed at the sideshow antics of a mesmerising cast of world class circus performers presenting a hilarious and thrilling magical Circus Wonderland for the whole family.

Absolutely Brilliant …..The Advertiser Don’t Miss It !!

Enjoy the fun Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub with fresh fairly floss and popcorn and all your favourite treats.

Presented by: Wonderland Speigeltent

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Switch Witchetty

Switch Witchetty’s Almanac of Everything

A high-energy fairy tale adventure played on a set of milk-crates, bedsheets, and newspaper swords, using original music and comedy to question the role empathy plays in decision making. Switch has left audiences laughing and singing along from Sydney to Edinburgh.

Switch Witchetty is a court fool who can “switch” into others, allowing a unique perspective into their story. When the Kingdom needs a leader, Switch is forced to use this ability, writing the stories of the people in The Almanac of Everything. Before the two kings tear the kingdom apart, Switch must choose – hero or fool?

Presented by: Pinwheel Productions

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monksi mouse

Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall

Why toddle when you can dance? Join DJ Mumma, Monski Mouse and her Dancers for 50 mins of bonkers, bopping family fun. This international hit kids show, lets parents and 0-5’s loose on the dance floor in this friendliest of discos. Expect high-energy smiling to retro beats and thumping nursery rhymes. Get your disco-dancing booties on!

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall is a show where gran, uncle, mum, dad, babies, tots and preschoolers can dance, party and play to classic tracks, crazy tunes, and thumping nursery rhymes. This international festival hit will entice audiences to step out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in full disco-dancing-role-play!

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adelaide fringe stars got talent

Star’s Got Talent

After three sell out seasons Star Academy is back for the Fringe 2021!

The Performing Arts Academy, currently in their 10th year of business, will be performing their 4th Fringe show in a row but this time they’re doing things a little differently with their show Star’s Got Talent!

This is a kid’s show starring kids and created for kids! It doesn’t get much more KID FRIENDLY Adelaide Fringe than that! Star’s cast of mini stars (Ages 7-18) will have you laughing, cringing and cheering the night away! In this Talent Show the crew bring together Adelaide’s best talent to determine the Most Talented Star.

The best part.. you the audience, get to choose the winner!

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Teddy Bears Picnic Adelaide Fringe

Teddy Bears Picnic

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise…for every bear that ever there was, will gather there for certain, because today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic! Bring a picnic rug, your kids and of course your TEDDY!

For ages up to 10 years, the event will include live performances, songs, dancing, character storytelling, giant games and craft activities (for the restless!), food and drink vendors, and much more. Check out the City of Prospect events calendar for up to date information and other children’s events.

Presented by: Prospect City Council

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Family Friendly Fringe 2021

To check out the full program and hunt for more family friendly Fringe shows for the 2021 season, head to the Adelaide Fringe website:


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