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In countries all over the world, new mums are cared for and supported in unique ways by family members, friends and their communities. The postpartum period is a time that is recognised as distinct from normal life; a time when the new mum is encouraged to recuperate, rest, and become accustomed to the, at times, overwhelming responsibility of becoming a mother.

Aussie mums are more depleted, stressed and isolated than ever before

By contrast, Aussie mums seem to be becoming more depleted, stressed and isolated. This is something Nadia Parisi and Carla Brion witnessed firsthand within their work in Women’s Health Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, respectively.

the golden month

Caring for women at each stage in life’s journey

Nadia and Carla have a passion for caring for women at each stage in life’s journey and have seen the deficit in how women in our country are cared for after childbirth, and how this deeply impacts not only mums, but children, families and communities. Together, they wanted to break the mould by bringing women traditional care and healing in the postpartum period, and thus The Golden Month was born; a women centred business, providing in-home care, to support mothers and families in the early days and weeks after childbirth.

Acupuncture, Massage, Herbs, Healing Tinctures and Home cooked meals

The women of The Golden Month offer acupuncture, massage, herbs, healing tinctures and home cooked meals, for 4 weeks after birth of a baby; meals that are made specifically to heal mum, warm her body and help with milk production. At the same time, mum is allowed time to bathe and nap whilst their fridge is stocked with nourishing foods and their baby is cared for.

the golden month

The Golden Month also has two beautiful midwives who work closely with their team, offering Medicare rebated home visits, another part of the village of support they are creating for women in the postpartum period.

The Golden Package

Week 1 & 3: Mums receive birth de-brief, acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping and moxabustion (a form of heat therapy).

Week 2 & 4: Mums receive a full body massage, closing the bones ceremony and belly binding.

During these sessions The Golden Month therapist will care for baby while mum has a magnesium, herbal bath & do any tidying up & dishes that are needed

Included in the package is also a weekly food delivery of fresh healing meals, teas and mylks + breastfeeding snacks.

Each meal is designed to heal, warm & nourish the reproductive & digestive systems, whilst healing with inflammation & promoting breast milk

The Golden Month food delivery is also available as a stand alone order (1 week food delivery or 4 week food delivery, which makes the perfect gift)

the golden month

Top tips for postpartum healing

  • Rest as much as possible
  • Ask for and accept help
  • Outsource where possible
  • Remember warmth is your best friend (warm foods, drinks warm compresses)


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