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walk a mile in my boots challenge

Walk a Mile Challenge

The Walk a Mile in My Boots event is mixing things up a little bit this year. Whilst everyone would love to assemble en-masse, given the current circumstances the team have decided it is safer to you and the whole community if we keep a little distance.

So this year, we proudly present the Walk a Mile Challenge.

Your challenge is to Walk a Mile (or more) to help end homelessness and help us reach our collective goal of 6,000 miles – one for every person experiencing homelessness in South Australia.

You can walk 1 mile (1.6kms), 2 miles (3.2kms) or go the extra mile and challenge yourself to walk 6 (9.6kms). You set your own personal challenge – you choose how many miles you walk and where you walk.

How it works


and choose your mile challenge.



to let everyone know about your challenge and raise funds to help end homelessness.



and walk a mile (or more!) on August 7.


Registration is free.

Will you strap on your boots and step up on Friday August 7?


Register now

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