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The Wizard of OZ Live

This all-new arena presentation of THE WIZARD OF OZ brings one of the most beloved fantasy tales of all time to life like you’ve never seen it before, featuring over 500 performers on stage.

​The stage for the show is the size of three basketball courts (large enough to hold the 500-strong cast) and the entire set has a 9-metre high LED screen wrapped around it where wall-to-wall animations will bring the land of Oz to life in vivid colour unlike any other production of THE WIZARD OF OZ has done before.

​”This show is a real feast for the eyes,” says Producer Megan Whiting. “It has the feel of a rock concert with the charm of a fairy tale, the magic and spectacle of an Olympics opening ceremony and all the heart of the original story that audiences through the decades have come to adore.”

​With over 3,000 individual costumes and 2,000 wigs plus state-of-the-art lighting and sound, this is a journey down the Yellow Brick Road unlike any other!

Showing at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

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