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The Urban Picnic

Gourmet food & wine festival, celebrating the best of the East, in the heart of Stepney, South Australia.

Itching for a taste of spring?

Join us, this November for a gourmet Food & Wine Festival, celebrating the best of the East, in the heart of Stepney!

The AFL’s most famous vegan food-lover, Justin Westhoff, and entertainer Peter Combe with the Bellyflop in a Pizza Band top the bill of a brand new eastern suburbs fair.

Come and experience a weekend filled with food, fizz, markets, live entertainment and fun times – stay for a drink (or two) or maybe the whole day. This is a kid and doggo-friendly event, that you won’t want to miss.

Stretched over 2-days, The Urban Picnic will showcase your favourite local eateries and stores in one fabulous outdoor location for one weekend, only.

For more information: The Urban Picnic 

Location: Linde Reserve 


22 - 23 Nov 2019


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