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St Peter’s Woodlands Principal’s Tour

We invite you to join us for a Principal’s Tour of St Peter’s Woodlands early learning and primary school.

This is an opportunity to meet our Principal, Helen Finlay, and learn about her educational leadership and experience.

Whilst exploring the school grounds you’ll hear how St Peter’s Woodlands will:

– support your child on their own learning journey through a progressive curriculum specifically created for the early and primary years, including the Enhanced International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.
– deliver exceptional teaching, with diverse extra-curricular programs and dedicated learning support to prepare students for life-long learning.
– offer modern learning facilities set amongst the beautiful grounds that are rich with history.
– welcome each child into a warm community, creating an environment where young inquisitive minds are encouraged to grow.

Book your place for the Principal’s Tour here:


For further information contact Jo Gray, Enrolments Manager, at jgray@spw.sa.edu.au


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