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Katie’s Birthday Party

It’s no party growing up – but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!

Life for a 12 year old can be a complicated, confusing time. To help navigate that path, you’re invited to Katie’s Birthday Party.

Internationally acclaimed performer Mary-Frances Doherty gives a stunning solo performance in this insightful show about a young girl’s journey from childhood to adolescence. We follow Katie as she moves from primary to secondary school – there are exams, a new school, and a different friendship group to navigate, but also hope for the future.

Don’t miss Katie’s Birthday Party. There will be truths, there will be dares, there will be presents and there will be cake!

Katie’s Birthday Party is a hugely relevant and relatable account of a painful process, told with honesty and insight…it is one of the best productions for young people I’ve ever seen. Children’s Theatre Reviews

Website: DreamBIG Children’s Festival

Tickets: $25 ($20 Children)

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