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Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster

The runaway smash hit of the 2019 Edinburgh Festival arrives in Adelaide to make its Australian debut! Electrifying gig. Thrilling theatre. Tongue-twisting vocal gymnastics. Mary Shelley’s original is re-imagined with songs, soundscapes and sonic trickery. Experience the power of the human voice breathing life into monsters all around us. Frankenstein will leave you asking: who are the monsters we fear? Who created them?

Featuring a cast of mind-bogglingly skilled young beatboxers, this is a show like no other you’ve ever seen. Combining the genre of gig theatre and the artform of beatbox, Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster is extraordinary.

For more information and tickets: thercc.com.au/program/frankenstein-how-to-make-a-monster/

Location: The Attic, RCC 

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