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FOALS: What Kids Love About South Australia

Kids are often photographed but are rarely the photographer. FOALS Exhibition installation turns that on its head and features photographs taken by children across the state, celebrating what they love about the place they live. From the ordinariness of everyday life to the excitement of holidays and special occasions, FOALS will provide a small glimpse into how each child sees their home.

Sofie Kim says “children are curious, creative and observant. Whilst we may see beauty in the big things, children are often looking at the tiny details we often overlook in our busy lives. We look at the trees and flowers whilst they look at the fallen leaves, stem or roots. From their lower level, the world above is an enormous place, looming larger than life”.

This year’s exhibition follows on the back of Sofie’s exhibitions in 2019 and 2017, in which she showcased photographs taken from children around the world. Sofie says “after exhibiting artwork by kids from around the world, I wanted to bring it home – to SA. I grew up in South Australia and have loved living in this beautiful state. There’s so many things I love about SA – the food, the wine, the Central Markets and of course all the festivals.

But the future is in the hands of our kids, and I wanted them to tell you what they loved about living and growing up here, in photographic form”.

FOALS: what kids love about South Australia will show us how South Australia truly looks through the eyes of a child.

Presented by:
Sofie Kim
Curator of Foals: A photo exhibition by kids from around the world 2017 and 2019 (Adelaide Fringe)
Presenter: Underground music films from Korea 2015 (Adelaide Fringe)
Presenter: Indie music films from Australia 2014 (Seoul Fringe)

Event Location: The Garden of Unearthly Delights | Rundle Park / Kadlitpina

More Information: adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/foals-af2020?venue=7152%3A16


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15 Mar 2020


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