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Find your village morning tea

Connect with people | Find new friends

First Friday of the month
Starting Friday 7 August 2020
10am – 11.30am
19 On Green, 19 Green Street, Brompton.

Find Your Village Morning Tea provides a welcoming environment with a high tea experience, for people to connect and get to know each other. The intent is for parents who may not have family near by and older people in the community who value family-like connections, to meet and form friendships.

Uniity (Unifying Neighbourhood Intergenerational Interactions Together with You), is a not for profit that aims to connect people across generations for friendship. Uniity hosts events and activities as the catalyst for people to meet.

The inspiration behind Uniity and Find Your Village Morning Tea was based on the co-founders’ personal experiences. Adrianna Pearce lost her grandma the week before her first child was born, and Marigold White was a new migrant to Australia, when her two daughters were young.

“I found being at home a lot during the day a shock when I had my first baby, that plus loosing my grandma meant it was a challenging time for me. I went for a walk around my neighbourhood and saw an Italian nonna in her garden and so very much wanted to show off my baby and have a coffee and a chat. This got me thinking there must be a way to connect more people that may be missing family and craving that emotional support”, Adrianna Pearce, said.

Marigold was fortunate to connect with an older lady with whom she developed a life-long, mutually enriching friendship. Marigold’s daughters also benefitted greatly in having a grandmother figure in their lives.

“As my parents were in Ireland, the experience of meeting my friend was so enriching to my life and that of my family. We shared many of life’s milestones together, it really was a case of friends becoming like family. These are the types of connections we hope to foster with Uniity and at our Find Your Village Morning Tea”, she said.

Everyone is welcome at the Find Your Village Morning Tea. The friendly and relaxed environment with play activities set up for children is intended to mimic the experience of popping in to a good friends house.

RSVP: marigold@uniity.com.au

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