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Clock for No Time

Clock for No time is a genre-busting work about disability, the father-daughter relationship, and living in a world where it often feels like time is running out.


This Play embeds access in both performance and audience-inhabited spaces, as well as being neurodivergent and dementia-friendly.

The play is designed to be an enjoyable experience for however you like to experience theatre. The play is not targeted at children but stay at home parents can bring their young children to the play knowing that if they are unsettled they can go to the quiet room in the theatre with no judgement and return when they are ready.

The neurodivergent and dementia friendly main features of this performance are that all shows are relaxed performances, costuming is bold and consistent, extensive signage, a quiet space and stim toys are available as well as visual stories in the Audience Information Pack. All shows feature a combination of Auslan Interpreting and live speech-to-text Captioning as well as a fully Auslan Interpreted final show. All shows are accessible to people who are blind or have low vision with audio recordings, creative audio-descriptive rendered script and 3D textured model, as well as being wheelchair accessible. There will be dedicated trained Access Support workers and a variety of audience viewing stations to suit comfort levels.



19 - 31 Oct 2021


7:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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