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BEAM Technology School Holiday Camp

BEAM Technology School Holiday Camp

July 16 – 26 2021

Beam is the innovative holiday camp for bright sparks aged 7 – 12 and is run by the education team at Lumination made up of STEM Educators, Robotics Experts and Coding Superstars. The program will run at Prince Alfred College, Woodcroft College and St Peter’s Girls’ School from 5 – 16 July 2021.

At Beam Camp, soar past the boundaries of everyday life while exploring coding, immersive virtual reality, robotics and drones. Beam Campers even get a chance to make extended reality creations of their very own!

At ‘Red Planet Rescue’ drone coding camp, navigate your drone around the model Mars colony using block coding and learn core concepts such as iteration, functions and variables while you’re at it! 

At ‘Beyond 2021’ VR coding camp, campers will use fully immersive virtual reality technology to explore our solar system and beyond and discover what challenges will be facing the colonists in the Trappist-1 system.

At ‘Countdown to Mars’ robotics camp, campers will build their very own rover and then program it to perform essential tasks on Mars.

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16 - 26 Jul 2021


Various Locations
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