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Adelaide Writers Week

In 2020, Writers’ Week contemplates one of the few things that incontrovertibly unites us all: Being Human.

Through the words and minds of great thinkers, Writers’ Week explores how humans engage with each other, with technology, with the natural world.  It examines the stories we tell ourselves and those we construct.  It asks from where we can draw solace and inspiration.  It challenges us to avoid apathy and despair.  It applauds our curiosity in and engagement with the wider world.  It seeks joy and stimulation in our intellect and each other.

We hope you will join the authors, poets, journalists, historians, scientists, politicians and academics from around the world coming to Adelaide to be part of our annual conversation.  Explore the exciting list of authors below.

This year sees the return of the weekend for younger readers, including the powerful showcase of spoken word performance, Hear Me Roar.  We expand the Twilight Talks program from two to four nights, introducing our live chat show format, Authorial Voice.  And we kick things off on Thursday February 27 with the Opening Event – The Only Constant – an interrogation of change in our increasingly fluid world from three of our most intriguing speakers.

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29 Feb 2020 - 05 Mar 2020
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