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How is this for a stat?

70% of children and adolescents say that they are dissatisfied with their body making body Image the #1 issue for this impressionable group.

Let that sink in.

It’s the 5 year old that sees herself as ‘too fat’ and is wanting to go on a diet. The 14 year old that socially isolates himself from his mates because he hates his ‘small’ body. The 12-year-old that compares her body and acne-prone skin to that of the ‘flawless’ Bella Hadid.

Research indicates that adolescents with higher body satisfaction are more likely to engage in healthy eating and exercise, and are less likely to be overweight, smoke and consume alcohol and illicit drugs.

Wouldn’t we want this for all of our children?

taryn brumfitt in schools

One thing is for sure, it is absolutely critical for schools to embed addressing this issue into the curriculum…which leads to the question, what exactly is happening in our schools to tackle this?

Taryn Brumfitt is the fiercely passionate thought leader behind the Body Image Movement, the Director of the inspiring documentary Embrace (which is currently on Netflix), best bestselling author (x 3) and an internationally recognised speaker. She has been recognised by the United Nations Women, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, the Geena Davis Institute and Ashton Kutcher who famously praised her activism as ‘good for the world”…and she lives right here in Adelaide!

Taryn is dedicated to spreading the message that our bodies are more than ornaments – they are the vehicle to our dreams – and boy, has she done that by positively impacting millions of lives across the globe.

As she leads into the production of Embrace Kids, a feature-length documentary to increase body positivity aimed at children aged 8-12 years, Taryn is turning her attention from international corporate speaking gigs to something near and dear to her heart, presenting at local South Australian schools.

“It’s been a thrill and an honour to be so impactful and busy on the international speaking circuit,” says Taryn.

“A keynote to the leadership team at Google HQ in Silicon Valley is definitely a career highlight, but I’m excited for this next chapter, focussing on the health and wellbeing of kids in South Australia”.

With close to a hundred school speaking visits under her belt already, Taryn knows how to connect with her audience, both males and females, from reception to Yr 12’s. Her ability to connect intrinsically and tap into her own personal journey leaves a lasting impression on students. Not just for kids, schools are also booking Taryn to present her “Developing Daughters Supporting Sons” seminar– a talk for parents focused on how to encourage a body positive environment at home.

taryn brumfitt in schools

And this is where you come in to help…

Can you spread the news of the “Embrace Your Body” and “Developing Daughters Supporting Sons” talks at your school? Tell your school principal, class teacher or governing council to simply connect with the team at Body Image Movement (email address below) and ask for more information on how Taryn can speak at your school.

It may seem like such a small act, but by simply passing this information on, you are playing a part in helping the Body Image Movement inspire kids to move, nourish, respect and enjoy their bodies.

School speaking enquiries can be directed to Dianne Dumanovic, Marketing & Comms Manager via dianne@bodyimagemovement.com


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