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St Raphael’s Primary School shines at the inaugural state Gifted and Talented Awareness Competitions

St Raphael’s learners took home eight awards at the inaugural state Gifted and Talented Awareness Competitions, including five first places and one each of second and third place. Reception student Sam was awarded an Honourable Mention as a standout across all school and all year levels from Reception to Year 12.

St Raphael’s Primary school entered 19 unique works into the Gifted Awareness Lego Competition and Gifted Awareness Art Competition directed by Dr. Rebecca D. Napier, Gifted Education Advisor for Catholic Education South Australia. Entries were judged by an expert panel including Dr. Rebecca Napier, professional artists, a university Professor and their team of students.

st raphs sam artwork

Dr Napier pointed out that Sam was awarded one of only two honourable mentions and that his work had created quite a buzz. Dr. Napier said there was lots of interest in Sam’s work with various audiences asking ‘what was he thinking’ and talking about ‘how mature his drawing is.’

“For a Reception student to gain an Honourable Mention across all year levels is outstanding. The St Raphael’s community could not be more proud of Sam and all our entrants.” Marianne Farrugia, Assistant Principal and Director of Learning at St Raphael’s School

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With around 100 learners at St Raphael’s this local community school is certainly punching above its weight when it comes to nurturing and extending students.

“The Gifted Awareness competitions allowed our learners to shine and demonstrate their abilities and talents. The outstanding entries were a credit to our learners and showcase the many talents of St Raphael’s Primary School learners.” Deborah Hansen, Numeracy and STEM leader at St Raphael’s School

St Raphael’s school nurtures and extends its community of learners academically and creatively while supporting them to be well-rounded socially active citizens who lead positive change for the world God desires.

Located in the leafy suburb of Parkside on bustling Glen Osmond Road the co-educational school is focused on learning and belonging from Reception to Year 6.

St Raphael’s School, 110-114 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside


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