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St Raphael’s Catholic School announce financial scholarships and redevelopment plan

St Raphael’s Catholic School are opening their doors to all who want quality education for their children, with the announcement of their new scholarship program which will provide sponsored placements in 2022.

“Everyone has the right to the best education. We decided to open our doors and provide free education for a limited number of learners in each year level from Reception to Year 6 in 2022. We are a small school, focused on learning and belonging, and we want to welcome new families to share in our incredible community.” said Mia Harms, Principal at St Raphael’s Catholic School 

Through the scholarship program, your child could join the St Raphael’s Catholic School community, where they nurture and extend learners academically and creatively, while supporting them to be well-rounded socially active citizens who lead positive change for the world.

With scholarships available for places rom Reception through to Year 6, the scholarships will provide sponsored placements for the 2022 school year. Families with more than one child are welcome to apply. 

“We pride ourselves on high-quality learning with single stream, small class sizes providing focused, personalised learning each and every school day.” said Marianne Farrugia, Assistant Principal and Director of Learning.    

 Scholarship application forms are available on the St Raphael’s Catholic School website under Scholarship:


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The St Raphael’s Catholic School community has also announced success in obtaining grants from the Commonwealth and State Capital Grants Program to redesign and redevelop the school. 

Stage 1 of the building redevelopment has already commenced at the school’s grounds at 114 Glen Osmond Rd in Parkside. In partnership with Catholic Education S.A., St Raphael’s Catholic School has engaged Studio Nine Architects to design the new facilities. 


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