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program for parents and carers

I Can Jump Puddles, a leading NDIS registered provider across metropolitan Adelaide and regional SA, is bringing an award-winning, innovative program to South Australian families to deliver positive results for children with disability or developmental delay.

As parents or carers, you will make the biggest difference in your child’s life. Now & Next gives you the practical skills to do this.

Now & Next is a group program that helps parents and carers of young children with a disability or developmental delay cultivate skills to feel confident in achieving real life, positive outcomes for their child, family and themselves. It teaches families about setting goals and provides them with opportunities to connect with other families to inform, support and motivate each other to aim high and see new opportunities for their child now and in the future.

What is the Now & Next Program?

The Now & Next program is designed to educate and empower parents and carers to achieve positive outcomes – for their child with disability, their family and themselves. The program helps families develop their skills as they choose goals and work towards them with new purpose. The Now & Next program uses a strength-based and family-centred approach to support parents and carers on their journey.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Identify a vision for your child, family and self
  • Set three goals (and reach them!) during the course
  • Reflect on the strengths of your child and family
  • Identify your signature strengths and learn how to use them to achieve your goals
  • Create positive relationships with professionals
  • Increase the well-being and resilience of yourself, your child and your family.


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About the Program

The Now & Next program is delivered in sessions of 2 hours held over 8 weeks.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and given the social distancing rules and widespread closures, the program will now look a little different than originally planned, but press ahead nonetheless! The course will be conducted via video based seminars on a weeknight. This important change means I Can Jump Puddles can continue to deliver the course, in a safe way, at possibly the most important time for hope and connection!

The course is delivered via Zoom video conference as 2 hour weekly sessions over an eight-week period, from 8.00 – 10.00pm. All material necessary to participate in this program will be mailed to you once your registration has been confirmed and finalised with a Now and Next team member.

The course cost can be claimed through NDIS Capacity Building funding for Improved Daily Living – as training for parents/carers in matters related to caring for a person with a disability.

Start now to build a network of support

Past participants have greatly valued being together with other families who are raising children with a developmental delay or disability. A first of its kind in Australia, this parent led, evidence-based program provides the opportunity for families to:

  • Share their stories with each other in a safe environment
  • Learn about new strategies and ideas from each other
  • Build new relationships and a network of support
  • Empower and inspire each other to ‘get in the driver’s seat’ and take charge of their journey
  • Connect with other families through the Now and Next Alumni where you can continue to build your knowledge.


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About I Can Jump Puddles

I Can Jump Puddles works with you and for you. As a leading NDIS registered provider across metropolitan Adelaide and regional SA, I Can Jump Puddles provides specialised, independent and individual support to NDIS participants of all ages, tailored to help families work towards their goals, jump puddles and enjoy life. Supporting children, young people and adults with a range of services I Can Jump Puddles can help you research and negotiate with providers to help you reach your goals, participate in the community and support your family.


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