space the final frontier

Kid sized career ambitions: Space. The Final Frontier.

What does your child dream of doing with their future?

Are they good with their hands and think they might master a trade or passionate about making a difference?

Maybe they’re entrepreneurial and you think they could work in a startup which invents a new piece of world-changing technology.

Whatever their career ambitions, they can make them happen in space!

Visit the Australian Space Discovery Centre

If you’re keen to find out about future opportunities for your kids, we recommend heading over to the new Australian Space Discovery Centre at Lot Fourteen on North Terrace.

Your kids will have heaps of fun playing with touch screens, robots and stunning interactive displays.

They will also experience Australia’s first publicly viewable mission control centre.

From moving astronauts around space stations, controlling a rover on Mars and tracking space junk, the Centre uses real-life examples to inspire South Australia’s young people while showing them Australia’s current and future role in space. Each session is an hour long and is aimed at 12 years to mid-twenties, cleverly showing young people what’s out there, in terms of careers.


Australian Space Discovery Centre Manager Brenan Dew tells us everyone is welcome to enjoy and learn from the various exhibits.

“Not all space jobs are about becoming an astronaut, although that’s also an exciting one,” Dew says. “There are so many STEM and career pathways, such as becoming a space lawyer, engineer or entrepreneur.”

With 770 Australian entities already developing space-related infrastructure, a range of skills is needed to support our growing space sector.

The Australian Space Discovery Centre is managed by the Australian Space Agency. The Agency has an important role to inspire our next generation to consider space careers, with the centre being a significant part of its goal to create 20,000 new jobs in the space sector by 2030.

To book a free experience, search for Australian Space Discovery Centre online.


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