Bilingual Education – French language: a passport to learning for Highgate School & Unley High School students

Considering a bilingual education for your child opens international accessibility for further education and career pathways. Bilingual education also offers exceptional neurodevelopmental benefits such as higher executive functioning, adaptability and problem solving.

 “Commencing bilingual education in the junior years develops essential learning and life skills and offers a broader range of future pathways and cultural connections in a global society” says Highgate School Principal, Nicola Brelsford.

Delivering the French Bilingual Binational Program

Starting in 2017, Highgate Primary was the first local school to deliver the French Bilingual Binational Program (FBBP) with its unique harmonisation and integration with both Australian and French curriculums.

Bilingual program adelaide

“Our students have the opportunity to take part in uniquely French cultural events and apply their bilingual classroom learnings in social situations with fellow students and families. They recently met with the French Ambassador, which gave their learnings different context”.

One program across two schools

Highgate School works in collaboration with Unley High School, which runs the Years 7 to 10 component of the French Bilingual Binational Program, with options for students to complete SACE through the senior school’s International Baccalaureate program from 2022.

Unley High School is preparing for 2023 when the first cohort of FBBP students will transition from Year 6 at Highgate to continue the language program during Year 7 in Unley High’s middle school.

Ms Genevieve Papineau, Directrice of the Reception to Year 10 French Bilingual Binational Program said:

“These primary students embarked on their bilingual journey in their very first year at school and it will be really exciting to see them transition and complete the program at high school level when they graduate.”

Language, and specifically bilingualism, is the passport which creates greater student engagement, and offers a fuller experience in children’s education.

For program and enrolment information please visit:

For primary pupils


For Year 7-10 secondary students



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