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Eating out with tots in tow doesn’t have to be a disaster and there are so many incredible, accommodating places to eat where the food, atmosphere and customer service is wonderful and kids are more than welcome. We’ve put together a list (aka your new go-to guide) of some of Adelaide’s top KIDDO FRIENDLY eateries and stay tuned, because coming soon to KIDDO Mag will be our brand spanking new online directory filled with Adelaide’s KIDDO FRIENDLY CERTIFIED eateries and we can’t wait to share it with you.


Mr Nick’s is part of Adelaide’s finest supermarkets and you can find their two locations at the newly renovated Pasadena Foodland as well as the always-a-pleasure-to-visit Frewville Foodland. Both locations have such a great atmosphere and with their selection of amazing food, great coffee and kid friendly atmosphere, we’re stopping in for a bite to eat or a cuppa even when we don’t need to do our grocery shopping.

Address: 20 Fiveash Dr SA 5042 / 177 Glen Osmond Rd, Frewville SA 5063
Phone: 8374 5000 / 8433 0888


With two handy locations; Portrush Road and The Brickworks, Zeea’s is all about the experience: which is built on strong family values and top-notch customer service. Zeea’s is family friendly and somewhere that you immediately feel happy upon arrival. Their food is so delicious and they have a strong focus on locally sourced and traditional recipes. The menu is filled to the brim with so many options to cater for all dietary requirements, plus a kids menu with nutritious options. This will fast become a family favourite that you return to again and again and again.

Address: Cnr South Road & Ashwin Parade Torrensville SA 5031 / 553 Portrush Road Glenunga SA 5064
Phone: 8365 2264 / 8338 4033


An iconic Glenelg building with views to-die-for. Relaxing atmosphere. Great indoor play area in eyesight from where you’re sitting, so you can have a relaxing coffee whilst watching the waves roll in and keep an eye on your Bub playing. They do awesome baby-cinos for when Bub wants what you’re having. And once you’re done, head straight on out to the awesome playground out the front to wear them out before you hop in the car and head home so they can have a snooze and you can listen to your favourite podcast in peace.

Address: 1 Moseley Square, Glenelg SA 5045
Phone: 8376 2442


The Art Gallery itself regularly has exhibitions and activities for kids but in addition to that it has the cutest cafe. It’s such a beautiful space with an enclosed grassed area to soak up the sunshine and let the kids run around and play till their hearts content. They have healthy kids meals and cater for so many dietary options, you will be sure to find one… or ten, things on the menu that tickle your fancy. It really is just a beautiful space to sit and take some time out. On the way out don’t forget to visit the book store!

Address: Art Gallery Of South Australia, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8232 4366


A relatively new cafe on the Adelaide scene but it has entered with a bang and is a very welcome addition to the Eastern suburbs. With a focus on great food and coffee whilst making patrons feel at home, it has such a cool, relaxed vibe and is already a local hotspot. Saha is family friendly through and through and you can tell the space, the menu and the customer experience has all been created consciously, centred around kids and ensuring families feel comfortable. With a Lebanese heritage, you can rest assured the food is wholesome, healthy and delicious with plenty of options for kids and adults alike. They also run amazing kids art classes!

Address: 303 The Parade, Beulah Park SA 5067
Phone: 8333 3215


Self proclaimed kid-friendly, the peeps at Cafe Paparazzi know the meaning of a family friendly environment. Their menu is next level with clean eats, homemade meals and a kids menu that the kids will love. They have high chairs in abundance and we need to take a moment to stop and talk about their kids parties, aka kids PIZZA MAKING parties. What a cool, interactive and educational birthday idea… can the adults join in too?!

Address: 291 Unley Rd, Malvern SA 5061
Phone: 8373 0743


Pizzateca is the bees knees and one of the first restaurants that immediately came to mind when we began compiling our list of KIDDO FRIENDLY eateries. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re in for a real treat and we’re kind of jealous you get to have that first time experience. Pizzateca is all. about. family. It’s run by the sweetest, warmest family you will ever meet, all the staff there are so inviting, accommodating and lovely and the food is next level; you’ll feel like you’re eating at nonna’s house. There is so much room for your tiny tots to run around and don’t worry about them making noise, the more noise, the better, it adds to the atmosphere. And FYI, their Spritz’s and Tiramisu are a must for the mamas and the papas.

Address: 319 Chalk Hill Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171
Phone: 0431 700 183


The thing you need to know about Rosey’s is that they serve breakfast all day, because we know sometimes getting out the house before 11am is impossible. We love their courtyard area and they have plenty of space for kids to move around and for you to manoeuvre the pram / capsule. Oh, and it goes without saying – the most delish food. If you feel like a little day trip with the kids, they also have a location by the seaside for a little sea change too.

Address: 139 Unley Rd, Unley SA
Phone: 7225 0690


Apart from the fact that it’s a gorgeous building in glorious surroundings, Velo Precinct is an incredibly spacious and beautiful space with a designated children specific custom playground: Spokey Dokey. It also has an outdoor park area for the older kids. And as for their menu; it’s a healthy, kid friendly m enu that will keep yours and your buns tummies satisfied. And they offer kids parties too. I mean, these guys are all about the kids and we love it.

Address: 140 Fullarton Rd, Rose Park SA 5067
Phone: 8227 1394


An Adelaide Hills goodie for kids and parents alike, and here’s why: it’s a beautiful space, their menu is ever-changing and reflective of seasonal goodness, they have a good kids menu and a cubby house and toys to keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy some of that aforementioned nutritious, seasonal deliciousness.

Address: 143 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling SA 5152
Phone: 8339 8087


Not just another play cafe, this is an incredibly beautiful, safe space where your children can learn, develop their skills with educational and sensory learning activities – they’ll remain entertained and engaged for hours. They also have really good coffee for the mamas and papas, healthy meal options and offer kids cooking classes. It’s one of our faves for a reason, check it out!

Address: 253 Magill Rd, Maylands SA 5069
Phone: 8123 4270


A super chill, family friendly vibe, Nature’s Providore is the perfect weekend family break spot, or mid-week-catch-up-with-your-girlfriends-and-their-bubs spot. It’s spacious, has a designated indoor and outdoor play area for the kids – including a wall to draw with chalk and loads of toys. And we need to talk about the food, so nourishing, plentiful and tasty… you will want to keep coming back again and again.

Address: 88 Duthy St, Malvern SA 5061
Phone: 8172 2146


We can’t speak highly enough of Argo. They know what’s what: Vegan friendly. Raw friendly. Gluten free friendly, this Adelaide fave caters for all kinds of dietary requirements and intolerances. It’s spacious with plenty of starting inside-and-out, large tabletops and a wide selection of kids approved food and treats… hello, their smoothies are so good, you’ll actually be hoping your little one doesn’t finish it.

Address: 212 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067
Phone: 8431 1387


We get it, usually the word ‘pub’ and ‘kids’ don’t go hand-in-hand. Enter: Belair Hotel to change your way of thinking. This pub is soooo kid friendly that anyone would think it was designed around kids. They have an awesome kids menu with healthy menu items. A super fun kids playground – to run off some of that endless energy and a kids chill out zone for when said energy has been run off – it’s filled with beanbags, toys and games all whilst being in a position where you can keep a watchful eye. Nuff said.

Address: 141 Main Rd, Blackwood SA 5051
Phone: 8278 8777


For all the working mamas and papas, we have found the holy grail of work-life balance. Such a chill vibe and the ultimate place for you to enjoy a cuppa, get work done and know your kids are more-than-welcome, no judgment here. Set them up with a colouring book and some crayons and you’re set: you can enjoy a coffee in peace and tick off some work.

Address: 49 George St, Norwood SA 5067
Phone: 0452 140 849


I mean, can we talk about kids / adults totally re-living-their-childhood-wonderland?! This is it. As soon as you walk in you’re immediately transported, it is such a beautiful space with plenty of room for the kids in the courtyard. Delicious coffee to make you feel human again (and we all know the superpowers of coffee in doing that) And the star attraction… their REAL. LIFE. BUNNIES: Flopsy and Mopsy. Oh, and they grow and source organic produce to ensure that what you and your babes are eating, is nourishing goodness. Need I say more? Hop to it, it’s the ultimate. You can thank us later.

Address: 234-244 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 0428 132 704


We know Italian culture is all about family and so rest assured you’ll find nothing but a family friendly feeling here. Large table tops so the kids can colour in / play with toys at the table while they wait. A fun, loud, vibrant atmosphere. Delicious, fresh, sharing size portions of Italian food including kids food and pizza. And we all know that kids and pizza go together like movies and popcorn. And we’re not talking run of the mill pizza, we’re talking your-tastebuds-won’t-know-what’s-hit-them-kind-of-delicious.

Address: 155-157 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006
Phone: 8239 0080


Owned by a mum of 4, you can rest assured this play cafe has all the ins-and-outs to accommodate you and your tots in tow. Splodge is like the dream team of kids cafes. It provides fun activities, craft and sensory play for kids. And delicious coffee, cakes and food for adults. School holidays is where it’s at where they put on an abundance of classes, courses and activities that are fun, educational and interactive for the kids so you have one less day of hearing ‘I’m bored’. It’s a win win, you can enjoy a cuppa and slice of cake in peace while they have the time of their lives. Oh, and did we mention they do parties too?

Address: 253 Diagonal Rd, Adelaide SA 5046
Phone: 8296 0561


Established in 1869, the incredible Adelaide Central Market is a longstanding pillar in Adelaide’s history as a thriving hub of produce, culture and atmosphere. Let’s be honest, a visit to the Central Market is always fun. And for kids it’s a sensory playground: the hustle and bustle, the colours, the sounds, and allllll of that delicious food on offer! I have so many fond memories from my childhood of market trips with my grandma every Friday night without fail. A great family night (or day) out where you can load up on premium fresh produce for the week and also stop and have a bite to eat, or a cuppa with the kids in tow and know that they’ll be enjoying it just as much as you.

Address: 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8203 7494


The largest farmer’s markets in South Australia, this is a must-do with the kids on a Sunday. It has such a family friendly atmosphere (seriously, everyone is SO friendly!) with an overload of fresh, organic goodness for you to choose from – and a great opportunity to educate kids about the importance of eating a well rounded, healthy and balanced diet by encouraging them to explore new fruits and vegetables by learning how they grow and where they have come from. It’s honestly such a great day out, this may just become your new Sunday family ritual and we fully support that.

Address: Leader St, Wayville SA 5034
Phone: 8231 8155