Thanks to Monarto Zoo’s new Lions 360 experience, you can get closer than most could ever dream of getting to an African Lion. Animal lovers can safely get within clawing range of one of Australia’s largest prides.

The newly opened exhibit sees visitors walk through a tunnel and emerge in a wired dome to enable them to literally feel the lions walking above and beside them. Their huge whiskers brush on the fence as they sniff at you and you can hear them chew as they tear through a slab of meat.

There’s also the opportunity to feed the lions through the heavy-duty mesh for the closest possible dining experience with them – without becoming dinner!

Just like the popular Great White Shark diving experience in Port Lincoln, Lions 360 will be a jaw-dropping, completely safe encounter for all ages. Importantly, this is more than just an experience for visitors; Lions 360 will also be valuable stimulation for the feisty pride of 11 lions.

Why did Monarto Zoo build Lions 360? With fewer than 16,000 to 30,000 African Lions estimated to be left in the wild, this beautiful big cat is now classified as vulnerable to extinction and funds are urgently needed to aid its protection.

Monarto Zoo is home to one of Australia’s largest lion prides, including eight females and three males, and the animals are an important part of an international breeding program safeguarding this species from extinction.

By taking this adventurous walk, visitors will learn all about this amazing species and help fund conservation projects aimed at protecting and conserving lions in the wild. Public support has helped the Zoo fund 36 rangers to patrol the Sera Conservancy in Kenya to protect lions and other African wildlife.

Tickets are now on sale so book your spot today!