space to dream exhibitionSpace in safe hands with SA Kids: Space to Dream Exhibition at MOD

“From space toilets and unicorn beds, to rock polishers and moon bikes, our kids and young people have got you covered.”

MOD. ‘Space to Dream’ Exhibition

Tuesday 27 October – Saturday 28 November, 2020.

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, today announced the opening of an exhibition at MOD. showcasing the top-rated entries for her inaugural Space to Dream ‘Design Thinking’ Challenge in which she challenged South Australian children and young people to use design thinking to create a toy or gadget for someone their age who is ‘moving to Mars’.


Inspiring the next generation of space entrepreneurs and innovators

The challenge was devised to inspire the next generation of space entrepreneurs and innovators – it also speaks to teachers, parents and the broader SA community about the possibilities the space industry offers SA children and young people in careers of the future.

Direct link for kids between the Australian Space Agency and the industry it steers

Space to Dream helps young South Australians draw a direct link between the Australian Space Agency, now based at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide, and their potential to be part of the industry it steers. Potential that offers them career opportunities encompassing innovation, design, and technology, to name just a few of the areas in which ‘dream jobs’ are likely to be created within the space industry of the future.

The Walker

THE WALKER A fold up treadmill that has an attached VR headset to simulate walking in a park with a dog. You can use the VR make to simulate Earth walking in a park with your dog.
By Indiya, Year 6, Nailsworth Primary School

3d Models and Drawn Designs on display

A total of 36 Space to Dream 3D models and drawn designs will be on display at MOD. from Tuesday 27 October through to Saturday 28 November.

Space to Dream

Space to Dream is the second in a series of digital challenges set by SA Commissioner for Children and Young People to emphasise the importance of digital literacy for today’s young people – “Digital skills are life skills; crucial to future jobs, social inclusion and to build a more equitable world.”

For more information about SA schools who achieved Challenge rewards:

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