pregnancy pilatesPre and postnatal Pilates coming to Studio Pilates Unley

Pregnancy Pilates is the perfect low impact class for mums-to-be looking to safely strengthen and tone their entire body to prepare for childbirth and beyond. Working on building your core strength, as well as toning the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, is integral to supporting a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Studio Pilates tailor specifically designed pregnancy Pilates classes, so you can continue to enjoy working out, both pre and post your pregnancy.

Pregnancy classes are due to start at the Unley Studios in September, with a focus on your core and pelvic floor muscles.

These classes will help you achieve: 

  • healthy posture
  • great balance and strength
  • a more comfortable pregnancy
  • faster recovery time post-pregnancy

Studio Pilates Pregnancy Pilates classes have been carefully developed by the Studio Pilates team of highly experienced physiotherapists, designed with the safety and well-being of both mum and bubs top of mind.

Whether you are new to Pilates, or a Pilates enthusiast, the knowledgeable and friendly instructors at Studio Pilates will guide and support you every step of the way.

45 minute Pregnancy Pilates classes to start at Studio Pilates Unley in September, Fridays at 12:15pm.

Studio Pilates Unley
148 Unley Road, Unley



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