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empire strikes back

Celebrate The Empire Strikes Back Turning 40 at the Palace Nova

For one week, from Saturday September 12, at The Palace Nova you can celebrate The Empire Strike Back turning 40 (and ignore how old that might make you feel!)

Whether you’ve pledged your soul to the Dark Side or are on the Light Side of the Force, all are welcome as The Palace Nova celebrates this milestone.

Dress up as your favourite Star Wars character

Bring your lightsaber and your Jedi mind tricks for a chance to win cool prizes by testing your Star Wars knowledge and join in a special Star Wars Palace Nova photo-op as the team snap a pre-film photo of a theatre full of Jedi and Sith.

Next Generation of Star Wars Fans

If you have nurtured the next generation of Star Wars fans in your children, bring them along, they might even win some prizes if they brush up on their Star Wars knowledge.

After all, it’s far easier to remember Star Wars trivia than times tables!

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