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The incredible Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground, part of the Livvi’s Place Network – delivering special places to change the way our society plays – is the first playground in Adelaide to be developed specifically for kids with disabilities.

The playspace brings together all children, regardless of their ability, to play side by side and encourage social inclusion through play. 

Hendrie Street Playground

Inclusive Play Opportunities at Hendrie Street Playground

  • Wheelchair accessible carousel
  • Accessible play – multi station with ramp
  • Expression Swing
  • Sensory playspace
  • The toilets at the playground are fully accessible and include an adult-sized change table
  • Hard pathways through the playground have been designed wider to allow the easy access and manoeuvrability of mobility chairs
  • Accessible BBQs are installed within the playground that allow wheelchair users to easily cook
  • Ample car parking, including disabled parking, is available and allocated coach spaces make this a great group excursion location

Hendrie Stret Playground

Inclusive play spaces

Many Australian play spaces don’t meet the needs of their communities.

Physical disabilities, coupled with childhood disorders, and the ever-changing demographic of stay at home carers, means that every detail needs to be considered for a space to be truly inclusive. It means designing and creating custom made, accessible and intergenerational play equipment and amenities, incorporating accessible pathways, passive areas, sensory and tactile play and artworks, graduated challenges, points of recognition and visual cues, fencing, accessible parking and bus drop off zones.

Hendrie Street Playground

The 6 principles of inclusive play are:

  1. Everyone can play
  2. Access to nature
  3. Total experience
  4. A connection to community
  5. Play independence
  6. Friendship

Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground
120B Hendrie St, Park Holme


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