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Mainline Drive-In at Gepps Cross

There really couldn’t be a better time to visit the drive-in.

What with social and physical distancing guidelines and observing government suggestions about the safety of indoor and outdoor activities, the drive-in is where it’s AT.

Possibly the ONLY place it’s at for the foreseeable future, let’s be honest.

Drive-ins: A place we can still get together

Our family had never been to a drive-in prior to the pandemic, so when we decided to hit Mainline Drive-in at Gepps Cross (one of South Australia’s only remaining drive-ins) at the suggestion of some family friends we’ve not seen in awhile, it was the perfect opportunity to catch up, whilst automatically social distancing, and giving the kids an adventure at the same time. (And also allowed me to live out my Grease fantasy singing Sandy at the drive-in, at the top of my lungs, before the movie started). Sorry not sorry.

Mickey’s Diner

All my retro dreams came true when we discovered Mainline Gepps Cross has a theme diner, Mickey’s, where you can stock up on snacks, drinks and go to a clean bathroom (because obviously my children needed to go to the toilet thirty times during the course of a 90 minute film).

Catch up on some classic flicks

We chose a 6:30pm screening of the original Jumanji (1995) (I had completely forgotten how in the 90s movie makers really went all-in when it came to terrifying children, but luckily my 5 year old could hide her face under the covers when necessary), but Mainline has a variety of screenings for both kids and adults, old movies and new.

There are usually two screenings per evening over the weekend, the early session a family friendly movie, and the later session aimed at older viewers.

Check out the current screenings at Mainline

Family friendly set up

We set up in the boot of our car with doonas and pillows, and the surrounding area with beach chairs, beanbags and sleeping bags, but there is also a great grassy area at Mainline Gepps Cross where lots of movie-goers had set up tables and chairs, and were playing music prior to the showing; kids were dancing, adults were relaxing with a (responsible) drink in hand, and the vibe was chilled out and family friendly.

The Mainline Drive-In Cinema can be found at 588 Main North Road on Gepps Cross.

Gates open 30 minutes before the first screening, and after the sessions, the gates will open after a field check.

Tickets are $25 per car (5 people max), this weekend’s Mainline drive-in showtimes are available here!

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