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Get ready to blast off at Beam Camp

Have you got a STEM superstar or a coding whiz looking to keep their brain busy and stretch their science skills in the school holidays?

Look no further than Beam Camp, an innovative, out of this world school holiday camp run by the education team at Lumination!

Suitable for kids aged 7-12, Beam Campers are introduced to a new world of imagination, innovation and creativity by expert leaders in the field. They’ll make new friends while building digital literacy, problem solving and design thinking—skills that will be vital for their future.

At Beam Camp, kids will soar past the boundaries of everyday life while exploring coding, immersive virtual reality, robotics and drones. Beam Campers even get a chance to make extended reality creations of their very own!

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Countdown to Mars Robotics Camp

Strap yourselves in for a mission to Mars! At Countdown to Mars, Beam Campers are hired to design a new vehicle for travelling around on the rocky surface of the red planet! Campers will learn all about rovers and be asked to consider things like fuel source, weight, durability, size, special features, flexibility and which characteristics of Mars would present issues for a surface exploration vehicle.

Beam Campers will build their own base model rover, design their own add-ons and get familiar with how the vehicle operates, before using their rover to perform essential tasks in their very own space colony! This includes collecting rock samples for testing, driving up to the communications tower to send a message to home base, and transporting vital water, food and first aid supplies to the residential areas.

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Red Planet Rescue Drone Coding Camp

At Red Planet Rescue drone coding camp, campers will navigate their own drone around the model Mars colony using block coding, learning core concepts such as iteration, functions and variables while they’re at it! It’s all about teaching students
to explore, empathise and ideate.

Students are given scaled maps of the colony on Mars and asked to predict what might happen when it floods, explore the implications of the emergency on the humans living on Mars (considering safety, rescue, food, communication and more) and have to work together to brainstorm, problem solve and plan what their emergency response could be using drones.

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Beyond 2021 Virtual Reality Coding Camp

At Beyond 2021 VR coding camp, campers will use fully immersive virtual reality technology to explore the solar system and beyond and discover what challenges will be facing the colonists of the future.

The best way to learn is to experience things for yourself, so campers will code and create their own space colony before stepping inside their virtual world. By looking at core concepts like functions, variables and iteration, campers will continue growing their block coding skills so they can add even more interactivity to their virtual space colony.

Once projects are ready for launch, campers will be hooked up with the immersive VR tech so they can step into their space colony and experience it as if they were really there.

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Race Through Time & Space Game Development Camp

Calling all gamers! At Beam Camp’s two-day game development experience, kids will develop their Roblox game design skills and be tasked with bringing their creative vision to life. They’ll add details and hidden challenges to their environment
to create the ultimate game experience, picking up problem solving, coding and 3D modelling skills along the way!

After navigating their way through time and space to create their own racing Roblox game, they’ll test out, play and share their game with their Beam Camp buddies.

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What to expect at Beam Camp

Camps run from 9.00am to 3.30pm, with drop off from 8.30am onwards. Each day includes 30 minutes for recess and 60 minutes for lunch, so your bright spark has plenty of time to eat, relax, and play with their new friends!

Each Beam Camp is run by passionate educators who will make sure you have an awesome experience and learn lots of new skills! Camps are led by qualified teachers and university tutors, and all staff have first aid training and current working with children checks.

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