There’s a new kid on the block! Funtopia Prospect is Adelaide’s brand-spanking-new indoor entertainment centre!

This isn’t your average tumbletown, Funtopia is raising the bar, starting with the menu! Funtopia has the likes of Stewart Wesson (brains behind Whistle & flute, Part Time Lover and DTR) on it’s menu and Sans-Arc responsible for the Mr.Spriggins ‘canteen’ design. 

Perfect for birthday parties, weekend activities and a whole heap of fun the centre has a world-class indoor rock climbing arena, Australian themed adventure playground, electric car track and cafe. 

We spoke to the team to find out more! 

What can we expect at FUNTOPIA?

Funtopia is a playcentre, rock climbing arena and café all in one! Funtopia is where children and adults of all ages explore amazing adventurous attractions, engage in active lifestyle activities and have fun. It offers an alternative to the common playground and encourages families to be healthy and share the experience.

The 8m climbing walls are the world’s safest and most technically advanced, are fully interchangeable and interactive meaning the challenges are regularly altered to challenge different skills sets and levels. Funtopia’s autobelays and self-clip devices are the world’s most advance and do not allow for dis-engagement unless the climber is safely on the ground.

The Playground and Toddler World encourage adventure, interaction and imagine play. As children make their way through a mirror maze, obstacles and interactive games they will come across land marks such as the Central Market Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Mr Spriggin’s café is where parents, family members and friends can sit and observe their loved ones achieve personal goals whilst the latest specially designed safety equipment and highly trained staff are on hand every step of the way. Mr Spriggin’s offers restaurant quality food and beverages with a naughty and nice menu at breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep everyone fuelled and enjoying themselves for a funbelievable adventure!

As one of the most adventurous and unique party venues in Adelaide, Funtopia also has six private party rooms that cater for various sized parties and come with a host!!

What ages do you cater for?

All ages!!

Toddler World is designed for little ones 2 years and under
Playground World 3 years +
Climbing World 4 years +