Creation Creation dreamBig festival

Creation Creation at the DreamBIG Festival

DreamBIG Children’s Festival, one of Australia’s greatest festivals for young people, will inspire curiosity and wonder again as children reconnect and return to the world of arts, with the early announcement of some special shows in the DreamBig lineup for next year!

Creation Creation

What are the greatest mysteries in life, and how can we solve them?

A range of people between the ages of 8 and 102 posed their big questions about life: How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? And can you lick your elbow?

Jox and Fleur are the creators: two people who will aim to answer those big questions and more through art, performance, and…well, by any means at their disposal. See these unreliable experts battle and brawl through the big bang, the afterlife, and everything in between.

Coming to DreamBIG Children’s Festival in 2021, this heart-warming creation by Windmill Theatre Company is fun for the whole family and guarantees your biggest questions answered…sort of.

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