Create a fun craft day with the materials from your cupboard!

Old-fashioned potato prints are back and so easy to make. These crafty cards and wrapping paper are great fun to create but also made the cutest DIY present.

What you need:

Small knife (adult use only)
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Blank cards and plain gift wrap or butcher’s paper
Glitter (optional)
Sharpie pen (optional)


1. Cut potatoes in half
2. Draw shape onto potato
3. Cut out negative space creating a stamp
4. Prepare craft space: use newspaper and wear an apron
5. Layout blank cards and gift wrap
6. Paint a thin layer of paint onto potatoes and get stamping
7. You can create a collage of shapes or even create characters with potato bodies or face, use a sharpie pen to draw hands, feet and faces