In an Australian first, Adelaide’s west-end hub of hospitality and performance LIGHT, has launched tickets to Immersion, the highly anticipated headline experience of IMMERSE, a month-long celebration of the future of entertainment.

LIGHT Founder, Nick Dunstone said,

“IMMERSE is a way to highlight the amazing spaces at LIGHT – the incredible digital experiences we can produce – and help support the LIGHT CULTURAL FOUNDATION, a charity designed to support emerging artists.”


IMMERSION is the hero piece of the new annual event, IMMERSE, taking over LIGHT in November.

It’s a world-first, interactive, 360-degree animated show held in a breathtaking new, purpose-built venue, the ELLIPSE.

IMMERSE Event Director, Nathan Bazley said,

“IMMERSION will take audiences on a vivid 45-minute journey through time to discover how water has shaped our world. From 50 million years ago when this land was covered in dense rainforests to the celestial significance of our local waterways to the Kaurna nation, Immersion reveals how those same molecules that arrived from the furthest reaches of our solar system still connect us today”

“Visitors can interact with the show – throwing virtual paintballs over the city, controlling schools of fish with body movements, spotlighting animals in the dark Aussie bush or making plants come alive in an ancient rainforest. This is a show that will amaze and engage both young and old.”

New Age Entertainment

IMMERSION is being created with help from Oscar-nominated VFX (visual effects) artists. The technology behind this new-age entertainment platform and event has never been showcased in Adelaide or Australia before.

Mr Dunstone said,

“For audiences, it will be like walking into an Imax theatre, except the screen wraps right around, surrounding you.”

World First Venue

The ELLIPSE venue is a world first.

A 360-degree, Dicolor LED Display with a resolution of 11,520 wide by 1,344 high. That is a total of 15,482,880 pixels! It stretches 13 metres by 8 metres in an oval shape and reaches up 4metres high.

Imagine Virtual Reality but shared with 39 other people and not a headset or controller in sight. As you walk around the Ellipse, the screens will take you to different locations.

These animated environments will look and feel like they stretch off in all directions – making you feel like you are right there in a huge open space.

Special sensors, not previously used for this purpose in Australia, will capture visitors’ movements and allow guests to interact with the pictures on the screens in front of them – like they would with a game.

The technology used to create this experience, Unreal Engine, is commonly used to create highly detailed online games.

IMMERSE will be a feast for all of your senses with Augmented Reality activated tasting experiences featuring South Australia’s best food and wine, alongside incredible music acts with awe-inspiring visuals.

Event Details

Every Wed, Thurs, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from the 5-28 November.

For session times and bookings: 


Tickets also available at Moshtix:

$26 adults, $21 kids under 12



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