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Adelaide Himeji Garden | Japanese Garden

Did you know a perfectly manicured little ‘pocket of Japan’ sits inside Adelaide’s southern Park Lands?

Adelaide’s Himeji Garden was built to commemorate the Japanese city of Himeji, which became one of Adelaide’s sister cities in 1982. The garden on show in this little oasis today was the work of Japanese landscape designer Yoshitaka Kumada and many talented volunteers.

Beyond the grand ornate gates you’ll find a gently rippling lake, a host of still ponds (you might even spot some turtles if you’re lucky!), green manicured lawns, a small rock waterfall and the garden’s ‘Sea of Sand’ centrepiece.

japanese gardens

adelaide japanese gardens

adelaide himeji gardens

It’s relatively small on size, but big on tranquility, and offers a quiet contemplative oasis perfect for picnics, or short strolls (and yes it’s pram friendly!).

Be mindful that a lot of people going to the Himeji Garden are there to have a moment of peace, reflection and solitude, so whilst children love to run around the the paths, spot fish and find all the little hidden features around the gardens… if you’re looking for a playground, there are plenty in the surrounding area where kids can go wild! The Himeji Garden isn’t the place for red rover all over or hide and seek.

japanese gardens himeji

Open 8am to 5:30pm daily, guided tours are available for groups of 10 or more.

Location: Cnr South Terrace and


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