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Adelaide Fringe: Family Friendly Gluttony

19 February – 21 March for the 2021 Adelaide Fringe

Gluttony at the Adelaide Fringe is set to be the MECCA for family friendly programming this year, as 2021 marks Gluttony’s 10th anniversary as an Adelaide Fringe Festival hub, with a focus on families and fabulous festival fun!

family friendly adelaide fringe

Gluttony: The home of family friendly Fringe

Children’s events are always a highlight of the Adelaide Fringe (not least of all because we parents are all despo to get out of the house and do something and if we can entertain the kids at the same time, this is a real bonus!).

Of 44 shows registered as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year in the children’s event category, 15 are due to be staged within the Gluttony Grounds, meaning no other venue has more family friendly programming than Gluttony in 2021.

If you’re headed to the Fringe with your family this year, Gluttony should probably be at the top of your list.

We’ve got all the intel on what you can expect to find this year at one of the Adelaide Fringe’s fave destinations!

family friendly adelaide fringe

Family Fringe fun at Gluttony

There’s never been more on offer for families than there is in 2021 at Gluttony.

The vibrant outdoor hub is a festival within a festival, and truly offers such a diverse range of family friendly entertainment.

Here’s the scoop on what to expect, and (spoiler alert) it’s going to be AH-MAZING! Get your kids to start tying their shoelaces NOW and get ready to GO GO GO!

family friendly adelaide fringe

Dart Blaster Arena

Gluttony is home to the regular Fringe favourite, the Dart Blaster Arena; aka the most fun your kiddo is ever going to have!

The arena offers Nerf-crazy kids a sample of the buffet of toy blasters available.

At $6 for 15 min, it is great value for money and a convenient space to tuck the kids while parents relax for a chat over a glass of vino from the numerous bars around the park.

Art chery at Adelaide Fringe

Art-Chery Range

New to Gluttony this year is the Art-Chery range.

Take aim with a paint-dipped arrow and enjoy the satisfying SPLAT as it hits canvas.

Priced at $1 per arrow (minimum purchase 5 arrows), it is another budget friendly piece of artistic Fringey fun.

Spend $20 and receive a canvas board to take your masterpiece home!

Radicool Reptiles Adelaide Fringe

Radicool Reptiles

The fine folk from Radicool Reptiles will be on site on weekends with some reptile friends the kids can say hello to.

We’re talking turtles, snakes, lizards and all manner of slimey, slithery critters. EUUGHHHH! The kids are gonna love it!

Borealis adelaide fringe


For kids who are happy to be out and about after dark (and parents who can manage to stay awake after 9pm – aka not me), this year Gluttony will be hosting the return of the 2018 installation artwork Borealis.

This year the impressive and immersive installation will be situated on Rymill Lake, with the trees of the lake’s island creating a stunning backdrop to the light display.

For tickets: 


family friendly adelaide fringe

Nova Chill Out Zone

Within the park Gluttony also provides their Nova Chill Out Zone, a spacious shady tent for when you need to give the kids a quiet break from the crowds or take a breather between shows, as well as a specialist parenting room to allow for changing bubs nappy or a quiet spot for feeding in an air-conditioned space.


A Glut of Food and Drinks!

It just wouldn’t be Gluttony without a bit of nosh! And there’ll be something to satisfy every kind of rumbly tummy at Gluttony this year.

As always, Gluttony will have a fantastic selection of food and drink available from its 2 food courts, including Adelaide faves like:

  • Pizzateca
  • Filipino Project
  • Disco Donuts

Not to mention the amazing ShiBui for the Red Skin flavoured ice creams – I’ll take 5 thanks!

Gluttony will be using a cashless system for all food and beverage purchases, meaning faster and more efficient service for our customers; leave your notes at home, just tap your smartphone and go!

family friendly adelaide fringe

Gluttony is bigger than ever before (and COVID safe)

As part of COVID safe planning, the Gluttony site is larger than ever before, including 3 new outdoor venues with open air seating.

SA Health has specified that all venues are at 50% of normal seating capacity this year, so if you and your kiddos have found the Fringe a bit crowded in years gone by, this is your time to shine!

The site also has dedicated entrances and exits with QR code scanning points around the park, ensuring Gluttony is a COVID safe event destination.

And what about the shows?

…we hear you ask!

Well it wouldn’t be Gluttony without a wild array of fantastically fabulous family shows! This year Gluttony is serving up numerous award winning entertainers, including The Alphabet of Awesome Science, Game on 3 and Don’t Mess with the Dummies, as well as an offering specifically written for babies and toddlers, Bubba-licious – an opportunity to introduce your little one to a magical first Fringe performance.

In fact, Gluttony has shows to suits a wide variety of tastes including kids shows for kids who like comedy, magic, circus or theatre.

bubble show mini milkshake

The Bubble Show

The Bubble Show with Mini Milkshake is the latest offering from the team at Bubble Laboratories.

Usually based out of Romania, the team are still here because European border closures stopped them travelling home after last year’s Fringe!

They are one of just 3 children’s shows being presented by international artists.

For tickets:

game on 3

Game on 3

Game on 3 is all about bringing video games to life, off the screen! This show is a multi generational entertainment adventure, taking a look at the evolution of gaming from Pong and Donkey Kong, all the way through to spotting imposters in Among Us!

For tickets:

Family Friendly Fringe at Gluttony

No need to raid the piggy bank to get into Gluttony – entry is free! Adelaide Fringe uses an e-ticketing system, meaning you can tap-and-scan your way straight into a show from your smartphone.

Book your tickets at:


During the season, Gluttony is open from 4.30pm Tuesday-Thursday, from 4pm Friday, and from 10.30am Saturday and Sunday, until late – plus the Mad March public holiday Monday.

If you’re a gluttton for fun this year, you know where to go!



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