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things to notice nature

Things to notice in nature

Looking for some outdoor inspiration to keep your kiddos engaged with the world around them during winter? National parks, botanic gardens and other natural spaces are ideal for little imaginations, testing out curiosity and learning about how the big wide world interacts with the seasons and weather.

things to notice nature

Nature Play SA has put together a list of 20 things to notice with your kiddo when you’re out in nature, because you just never know what you might find if you’re looking!

  1. a tree hollow in a dead tree
  2. a butterfly with orange, blue or black patterns (or a caterpillar)
  3. circular patterns on a tree
  4. grass heads that look like blowflies or a fluffy tail
  5. dead branches in a living tree
  6. moss growing on a tree stump
  7. lichen growing on a fallen stick
  8. a gum nut or other seed pod
  9. a chewed leaf
  10. animal scats/droppings
  11. a yellow or white flower with an insect on it
  12. fungi growing out of the ground or on a tree stump
  13. an ant nest
  14. a kangaroo, koala or other marsupial
  15. tree sap on the trunk of a tree
  16. a colourful parrot (ie Lorikeet or Rosella)
  17. a feather
  18. ants on the leaves of a gum tree
  19. a bird’s nest high in a tree
  20. a sign to read


Print out a downloadable copy of this list and take it with you next time you take your kids on an adventure



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