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Personalised letters for your child from THE Santa Claus

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

We love Christmas here at KIDDO, and we’ve been in touch with Tinsel the Elf, Chief Elf and magicmaker at the North Pole Post, who’s main role is to sort all the letters to Santa from children around the world. That’s no small feat!

A letter from the big guy himself

Tinsel the Elf wanted to share a bit about what happens up there in the North Pole and how your kiddo can receive a personalised letter from Santa himself this Christmas, through the magic of the North Pole Post. Tinsel has given us a rundown of how it all works, since Santa is pretty busy right now in the lead up to Christmas, what with all that letter writing, list checking and toy making!

Letters from santa

Individually packed by Post Elves

The North Pole Post elves work with the big guy himself to write a personalised letter typed at Santa’s desk (on official letterhead of course!). As you can imagine, Santa is an old fashioned kinda guy, so every letter is typed on his vintage typewriter, printed on heavyweight parchment paper, and individually packed by a Post Elf, whose name is included on the letter. Writing letters is hungry work, so the number of biscuits Santa’s eaten while writing the letter is also included.

Personal to your kiddo

Of course, each letter includes special details specific to your kiddo, with Santa mentioning how proud he is of your child’s achievement that year; whether that be learning the guitar or shooting 3 hoops in the grand final basketball game – after all, Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!

letters from santa

The finished letter is then passed onto a Post Elf to fold, pack, stamp and seal, and with a little bit of Christmas magic, Post Elves deliver letters to homes all around the globe!

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