tiff manuell face maskTiff Manuell Face Masks: Add a little bit of colour to your day!

Let’s FACE it, masks have become a potential part of our day to day routine, so they may as well bring us some joy and by adding a little colour!

Mask up, but make it fashion

Adelaide designer, Tiff Manuell, has a range of hand made face masks available in her Norwood studio and online. They’re double layer, cotton, washable and reusable, featuring an internal pocket for additional filter (tissue, baking paper etc), and just about as bright and happy as it gets!

Tiff Manuell Face Masks



  • Internal pocket for additional filter (tissue, baking paper etc.)
  • Wire across nose to shape mask to face.

Please note, these masks are not medical grade masks. They’re 100% cotton, washable and reusable, but not medical grade. Tiff Manuell masks are not in any means classified as ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE).

Masks need to be applied with clean hands. After removing mask, please wash immediately in hot soapy water (hang to dry). Masks need to be washed every time they are taken off or the very least DAILY.

Check out the super happy, colourful Tiff Manuell face mask designs online: 


Tiff Manuell Studio
10 King St, Norwood SA 

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