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The Art of Zen: KIDS YOGA MATS by Emilia Rose

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘turning chaos is into art’, but what if we could then turn that art into… zen?

That’s what local Adelaide artist Emilia Bellifemine has created by marrying together elements from her love of art and a passion for yoga, and nature; with the release of eco friendly, PVC free yoga mats that are as beautiful to look at as they are good for the environment, and our bodies.

pvc free yoga mat

Created from original artworks

Emilia’s unique yoga mats are created from her own original artworks then printed onto the surface of the mat, which is made from vegan friendly materials with a natural rubber base (that means no nasty PVC) and a luxurious microfibre top.

And in great news for families, Emilia has just rolled out a kids range of yoga mats that will calm and mesmerise little minds!

Kids Yoga Range

Emilia Rose designed kids yoga mats have the same high quality materials you’d expect from an adult yoga mat, they’re just that bit smaller and lighter for little hands and feet.

Why buy an Emilia Rose yoga mat?

  • The beautiful artworks will mesmerise and calm little minds
  • An alternative to screen time
  • Can be used for all types of activities: yoga, meditation, exercise, beach time, play time, somewhere new to do homework
  • Easily cleaned (as we all know life can be messy with our little ones)
  • Put your mind at ease with non-toxic materials
  • Reclaim your own yoga mat and practice together, we all know how much our little ones love to copy everything we do!


Emilia Rose Kids Yoga Mats and cards

Kids Yoga Cards

To complement the Emilia Rose range of kids yoga mats, Emilia has also released YOGI, a yoga-inspired card deck for kids (and grown-ups), with countless ways to play!

This pack of 40 cards with beautifully illustrated yoga poses and complementing rhyming instructions are perfect to get your kids moving, concentrating or relaxing in a playful way, and will teach your kids all the yoga poses at the same time!

The pack also includes a leaflet with four game suggestions which are great for birthday parties or group activity from a specific party game suggestion to a yoga program, memory matching and more.

The Emilia Rose Kids Yoga range also includes a series of value packs for purchase, that include drink bottles and accessories with the mats and card game.

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