Goldie + Ace: ‘Endless Summer’ Spring/Summer Collection

As children of the ’80s and ’90s, Goldie + Ace designers Alana and Chris know all too well the beauty of a well-love hand me down. A time when many kids clothes were made to last, and designed for fun.

Goldie + Ace

A sneak peek of the new collection

The latest Spring/Summer collection from Goldie + Ace, Endless Summer, is a tip of the (bucket)hat to an era that stood the test of time, where new trends were formed, summer days were long and fashion became endlessly cool.

The collection, shot mid pandemic with the crews own children, was inspired by the simplicity of staying home styled with items from around the house.

goldie + Ace

Throwback season

With a nod to the era they grew up in, the Goldie + Ace new Spring/Summer collection ‘Endless Summer’ continues to take inspiration from the fashions and the family values of growing up in Australia.

You’ll find the coolest washed daisy print overalls, soft corduroy pinafores, pastel striped ribbed skivvies and plenty of fun print basics. Because who said everyday pieces had to be plain?

goldie + ace gday


Goldie + Ace are all about being more sustainable and creating change within the fashion industry, moving away from the exploitation of people and our environment.

Goldie + Ace hope to continually inspire their community to think differently about their clothes by investing in quality pieces that don’t cost the earth.

goldie + Ace

The power of your purchase

Goldie + Ace has partnered with i=change with a committed donation of $1 for every order placed, to a life changing project of your choice.

The power of your purchase now goes far beyond the product, with the opportunity to select where you’d like our donation to go, and to track in real time the growth of the donations.

Shop online as usual, then once you’ve completed checkout you’ll see a pop-up asking you to choose where our $1 donation goes.

Shop the collection

Add a little bit of endless summer to your season.

goldie + Ace

goldie + ace gday

goldie + Ace

Goldie + Ace



Goldie + Ace is a fun kids clothing brand based in Melbourne, with a simple vision; Buy less, wear more and pass on.

Creating durable, quality clothes that spark joy. Goldie + Ace strives for an honest approach to producing garments that are comfortable, ethically sourced and made with exceptional craftsmanship to last and be loved.

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