It’s never too early to get them interested in food and cooking, there are so many fun, fashionable and creative ways to ignite the little foodie in them. Who said broccoli was boring?

Cooking apron, fermliving.com
Orange cushion, fermliving.com
Banana sweater, kipandco.com
Banana sweater, kipandco.com
Flash Cards fruit and vegetables, daisyandhen.com.au
Lemon juicer, atriptothemoon.com.au
Iced vovos and fairy bread, store.chooksheddesigns.com.au
Roast chicken vegetables, daisyandhen.com.au
Before and After book by Jean Jullien, phaidon.com
These Colours Are Bananas by Tamara Shopsin & Jason Fulford phaidon.com
Apple and pear tart, Le Toy Van, letoyvan.com
Ice creams, Make Me Iconic, belandbear.com.au
Watermelon puzzle, Make Me Iconic, belandbear.com.au
Arnold The Avocado Teething Toy, oliandcarol.com