bubble bands

Say hello to your child’s next obsession: Bubble bands!

What happens when you combine slime with looming? – BUBBLE BANDS!

If you’ve had bracelet obsessed bambinos that have been through the loom band or kumihimo trends then you should probably make yourself familiar with bubble bands! The best bit? They’re so easy for little fingers to master, you’re not going to have to sit there and do it for them!

bubble bands

The super stretchy, extra squishy bubble rings can make you loop all kinds of things including a colourful bracelet, necklace, charms, rings and even pen holder! Stretch them, flex them- they are fun to wear and easy to make! Simply choose your colours and use your imagination to create anything with Bubble Bands.

The Bubble Bands are not like any finger looping bracelet you have seen before! They have a unique squishy design with slime inside and are extra-large. Each box comes with 100 bands in an assortment of colours, 10 clips and a looping tool.

Bubble bands

Not only are they fun and easy to make, but they have also been recognised as an educative tool as they encourage social interaction, inspire creativity, develop children’s concentration and fine motor skills. This new toy will stretch into being a hot trend on Tik Tok and Social media. Finger looping has never been so much fun!

Use your imagination to create anything with Bubble Bands and start your collection today!

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