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Rugabub designer play mats: Safe play, without compromise

Play mats for our little loves that don’t compromise on style or safety? Sounds good to us!

The team at Rugabub have an obsession with a fine-looking play mat (relatable!), and it’s translated into an astoundingly diverse collection, meticulously designed to make sure parents are getting the best in the market. We’re talking play mats that can’t be beaten. They look good, they feel good, and they are good (for our planet too!)

From colourful ethnic parades to casual and cool, plush beachy naturals to classic and soft, Rugabub endeavours to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every play mat they offer. In fact, the brand captures an innovative confluence of cultures, and creates pieces with an adventurous spirit, inspired by different regions around the world.

rug abub playmat

Colour, craftsmanship and community

“We believe in so much more than just providing a family must-have product. We know that nearly every home will end up buying a play mat for their family, and that not only will the baby, but the whole family be spending a great deal of time on it.” says Founder Dana Weil. 

Rugabub is a business born from an appreciation of colour, craftsmanship, community and above all, social responsibility. The brand is built with integrity, made from ​material without all the nasties, but still both stylish and kid-friendly, so that there’s no compromise on quality….or the eco system.


Crawling, playing, learning and exploring

Each mat is made of eco-friendly, shock-absorbent memory foam that is 15mm thick – soft for the hands & knees, perfect for tummy time, crawling, playing, learning, and exploring.

Each of the designs are timeless pieces with expressive patterns designed to empower rather than overwhelm the space. Décor enthusiasts will enjoy a voyage of vibrant colour, and detailed styles to suit any interior/exterior home.

sahara rugabub playmat

The Play Mats

The Sahara / Little Trooper Play Mat features a soft geometric design in pink, white and beige, a colour palette that captures understated glamour. The Jai Playmat features a grand triangular print that provide pure 60s-inspired charm, with stunning contrasts against a wheat background, whilst the Luna/ Little Trooper Playmat features boho-styled patterning in stone and light brown that will work to harmonise the space.

rugabub mats

For something, a little softer and oh-so-sweet, perhaps select the playful and novel Aurora style which honours a natural beachy vibe.

On the flip side, both parents and child will treasure a minimal and playful roadmap that will entertain for hours.

the luna playmats

Rugabub’s mats are crafted by skilled artisans in China and made from quality materials that are perfect for even the highest traffic areas.

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