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From little things big things grow!

Little snacks for your little (and big!) people

Are your kiddos suffering snack fatigue? Tired of the same old stuff in the pantry or leaving lots in the lunchbox? Well there’s a new snack in town and it’s a little bit gourmet and a lot delish!

Perfect for little snackers, POD aka “Protein On Demand”, is a new gourmet snack brand introduced by Pangkarra, family food producers local to the Clare Valley.


Sweet or Savoury

These moreish, addictive snackaroos include six flavours of handy 40g roasted pulse snack packs, with sweet and savoury options (cinnamon yogurt? Yes please!), as well as three flavours of chickpea puffs; little morsels of cloud-like goodness that you just can’t stop eating.

Three times the protein

The POD range is ideal for snacking on, for kids, for adults, for lunch boxes and for life on-the-go. And, make sure you’re sitting down for this… the puffs have 60% less fat than potato chips and three times more protein! Somebody pass those puffs!

chickpea puffs

Perfect for that 3pm craving, and for those looking for healthy snack options (including nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan varieties), that utilise clean food while still providing a hit of flavour that really hits the spot.

SA Grown

The South Aussie grown POD pulses are carefully cooked and lightly seasoned, and pack a generous serving of protein, the perfect healthy replacement for those sugary protein bars, and with none of those sneaky additives we all try to avoid. As an added feel good bonus, by choosing the POD range, you’ll also be supporting local Aussie chickpea farmers!

POD is where peas and beans start their life, a place that nurtures little legumes from the earth – through to harvest; and perfect for nurturing little tummies too.


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