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North Pole Post: Personalised Letters from Santa

We don’t want to cause a parental panic or anything…but Christmas is less than 70 days away!!! *panic ensues*

The team at KIDDO love the festive season and this year we’ve been in touch with Tinsel the Elf, Chief Elf and magicmaker at the North Pole Post, who’s main role is to sort all the letters to Santa from children around the world. That’s no small feat!

letters from santa

Letters from Santa

Tinsel the Elf wanted to share a bit about what happens up there in the North Pole and how your kiddo can receive a personalised letter from Santa himself this Christmas, through the magic of the North Pole Post.

We got onto the elf-ophone with Tinsel to ask a few questions about how to write a letter to Santa, what new goodies are available from North Pole Post this year, and get some sneaky intel about what treats Santa likes best on Christmas Eve!

How do we write a letter to Santa?

Santa loves to receive post and always enjoys a drawing or handmade Christmas card. Once you’ve written your letter just pop it in an envelope addressed to Santa. Then leave it somewhere Christmassy – like under your tree or in a stocking – and a Post Elf will magically collect it. We also have magical letter writing kits in our shop too!

santa letter writing kit

What is the most popular product at North Pole Post?

Our most popular product is definitely the letter from Santa, and is also Santa’s favourite letter to write. On his vintage typewriter Santa types personalised letters which are all unique. Right down to the child’s special achievement this year, favourite Christmas activities and even the Elf who packed the letter!

babys first santa letter

Can you share any new products you have this year?

We’ve been busy elves this year and there are a few new magical products! Gingerbread the Elf is making customised Santa treat boards on beautiful sustainability sourced pine from right here at the North Pole. Mistletoe has been making magical keys, which are perfect for homes without a chimney. We’re also excited to have Elf letters, a fun memory match game, Christmas activity blocks and even Mrs Claus is sharing her recipes too.

santa board

Can you tell us, what treats does Santa like on Christmas Eve?

Santa does get quite peckish delivering presents and his favourite treat is homemade biscuits and cookies, he especially enjoys gingerbread. He loves a glass of milk on Christmas Eve, though on a hot night delivering presents around Australia a cold beer or lemonade is always appreciated.

We would love to know, what food should we leave out for the reindeer?

Well the reindeer all enjoy carrots, especially Rudolph. At the moment Dasher and Dancer are partial to candy canes, while Comet and Cupid gobble up magical reindeer food. Donner and Blitzen are a bit cheeky and like to munch on celery from Mrs Claus’ vegetable patch!



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