Meet us at Camp Reo

Like the excitement of Raaaage on a Saturday morning—it’s fun, chaotic, bold and nostalgic. It’s time for roll call at Camp Reo!

Tracky dacks

With tracky dacks that’ll have your little camper looking as sweet as a packet of Hubba Bubba bubble gum, they’ll be off on their sunny adventures with the wind in their hair and a pocket full of snacks.

Not to be confused with normal trackies, these are your GOOD tracky dacks. Shop your regular size and expect them to look cool and baggy.


Slouchy retro 80’s inspired happy pants, with nice deep pockets, perfect for filling with sand. An elastic waist for growing bodies and elastic ankle band to assist with puddle jumping.

Styles well with the Camp Reo cord jacket or with any old thang in lil babes wardrobe.

Snug Noggin Beanie

Nits for your noggin’—wait we mean KNITS. Scrumptious beanies for those frosty days. In a range of ice-cream inspired colours.

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