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GoodLove Goods: Premium gifts for people who give a damn

It’s not always easy to find gifts for friends and loved ones that are not only high-quality, beautiful and heartfelt, but also tick the right boxes when it comes to being good for our planet, animals, and communities. When you add the layer of trying to be a conscious consumer onto your gift giving, it can be nigh impossible to find the right thing and end up eating hours of your precious time.

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Good choices don’t have to compromise on quality

But Adelaide business, GoodLove Goods, are here to prove that making choices that are good for our planet and our people, doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, style or aesthetics.

Founded by local mum Fiona Barden earlier this year, GoodLove Goods is the result of an evolving business idea, first sprouting when Fiona was pregnant with her first child.

“Then came the huge shift that is motherhood, and I was thinking more and more about what effect I was having or could have not only on my little baby’s future world, but all the little babies! This time pushed me to hone in on the values that were important to me in any business I was going to create” Fiona said.

Fiona GoodLove Goods

Beautifully presented, quality gifts

As a result, Fiona’s online premium gifting service offers hand selected, beautifully presented, quality gifts that are representative of ethically conscious values. We’re talking all natural, vegan and as eco-friendly as possible, and sourced from other Australian businesses, because boy, we have a wealth of clever creatives in this country creating beautiful, thoughtful products… and Fiona is passionate about sharing the love around and showcasing local talent.

GoodLove Goods Petite

Eco friendly and ethically conscious

Gifts are delivered in eco friendly packaging and shipped Australia-wide via a 100% carbon neutral courier, and if that wasn’t enough to give you the feel good warm and fuzzies… GoodLove Goods also pay forward a portion of their profits from every sale, creating an unstoppable ripple effect with each and every gift box sent out into the world.

Three collections of gift boxes

Offering three uncomplicated collections of beautiful gift boxes, plus a recently introduced Petite Parcels range, they are small bundles of beauty and joy, perfect for those moments when you just want to send a little something.

goodlove complete motherload

Whether it’s for a birthday, engagement, wedding, housewarming, client, teacher, mother, father, or lovers…whatever or whomever it is you’re celebrating, GoodLove Goods…have got the goods.

Above all else, GoodLove Gifts want you to remember that you might not be able to do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good you can do.



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