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Goldilocks Smartsuit: The future of baby monitoring is here!

Exhausted parents of newborns, we see you. We’ve all been there in the sleep deprived fugue of ‘why is my baby crying?’, ‘what can I do to help?’, ‘is she too hot?’, ‘is he too cold?’, ‘are they just right and it’s something else entirely?’, ‘WHY. ARE. YOU. CRYING???’.

It’s the all-too-familiar frustration of new (and not so new) parents everywhere, and post COVID baby boom, with a 40% increase in registered births in South Australia in December last year alone – and January even busier – there are exhausted parents far and wide right now trying to figure out the fluctuations of hunger, temperature, sleep and development for their new little person, probably with varying degrees of success.

Goldilocks ‘smart singlet’

Fortunately for these new parents, South Australian based company Goldilocks has just hit the shelves with their new ‘smart singlet’.

Goldilocks is a smart singlet which tracks the infants’ feeding, sleeping, temperature, breathing and development goals. It then uses this data to act like a virtual coach for new parents to give them peace of mind. With the Goldilocks smart singlet, your baby’s well being is at your fingertips, with 24/7 monitoring of how they are feeling.

goldilocks suit

Easy to use solution that answers simple questions for parents

Three years ago, founder of Goldilocks, Shem Richards and his wife Laura were blessed with a daughter. At the hospital she was perfect, and they had all the support that they needed. Then they brought her home and, in a scenario that might just sound familiar to you, me… and oh, just about every other parent out there… she started crying.

“In our sleep deprived and stressed mindset, we forgot all that information that we researched,” Shem says. “We constantly questioned ourselves: Is she hungry? Is she too hot or cold? Is she tired? We set about coming up with a solution that is easy to use and that answers the simple questions that parents often have.”

A Medical Device Engineer, this led Shem to found Goldilocks Suit – a smart baby monitoring product to help parents navigate the anxieties of early parenthood, helping parents enjoy their baby by providing reassurance and confidence.

golilocks suit


The Goldilocks smart singlet:

  • Monitors and records the feeding time cycles of your baby and sends reminder alerts.
  • Tracks the room and core body temperature of your baby to ensure they are comfortable.
  • Monitors and track your baby’s sleeping patterns to know how well they are resting.
  • Monitors your baby’s breathing to ensure they are comfortable and feeling well.

Easy to read information and parenting advice is provided via the intuitive Goldilocks smartphone app for iOS or Android.

goldilocks suit

goldilocks suit

goldilocks suit

How does the Goldilocks Suit work?

The Goldilocks Suit has sensors built into the cotton singlet which detect your baby’s comfort levels. This information is fed back to the tiny bluetooth module. The data is collected and when your phone is in Bluetooth range, it sends the information to the phone.

Development Milestones

In addition to monitoring breathing, body/room temperature, hunger and sleep tracking, Goldilocks Suit also monitors the behaviours seen in infants as they grow – their development milestones. This gives parents a wider understanding of the wellbeing of their child.

goldilocks suit

Designed by parents for parents

The Goldilocks Suit monitoring system has been designed by a team of parents who are also medical experts. It has taken 3 years of development to carefully select the materials and create an intuitive smartphone app to make it easy for all parents to track their baby’s wellbeing.

It is more than just a monitoring system, it records your baby’s development and gives you insights created in collaboration with experts from WINK and Mother Nurture.

Available now

Manufactured in Australia, with 3 years of product development and numerous rounds of product testing under its belt, Goldilocks can now be purchased by new parents. Welcome to the future of parenting.

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