The big chill is coming, which means it’s time to rug up, collect leaves, climb trees, jump in creeks and puddles and discover the great outdoors.

Lark Summerschool Bag, bobochoses.com
Stripe beanie, Minirodini.com
Sweater, Main Story, mainstory.com
Sweat skirt, Main Story, mainstory.com
Knit, SEED, Burnside Village
Tshirt, T.A.O, theanimalsobservatory.com
Tent, Such Great Heights, suchgreatheights.com
Sweater, Bobo Choses, bobochoses.com
Overalls, Bobo Choses, bobochoses.com
Jacket, Mini Rodini, alexandalexa.com
Wooden camera, Fannyandalexander.co.uk
Hooded coat, Tiny Cottons, tinycottons.com
Rubber boots, Kuling, alexandalexa.com
Suede boots, Clarkes, Shoes and Sox, Westfield Marion
Knit, Country Road, Rundle Place Rundle Mall
Hi-Top Converse, Shoes and Sox, Westfield Marion