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If you’ve ever taken kids to the beach to dive into a colder-than-they-might-like-it-to-be ocean, then you’ve probably been on the market for a wetsuit.

There’s a reason the term suit is smack bang on the end of the word wetsuit – traditionally wetsuits are more straight jackets than wetties, and, frankly, *yawn* not much fun to look at.

Enter Fants Wetsuits

That’s where Fants Wetsuits come in, they’ve taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary! Because keeping kids warm in the water and protected from the sun doesn’t have to be as boring as a black wetsuit or as naff as most kids surfwear!

Fants have created beautiful full-length wetsuits that are as fun as the beach itself. So pack the car and prep the kids for a funner summer!

fants wetsuits

Fants Kids Full Length Wetsuit

Made to take the chill off the water while providing 100% hassle-free sun protection, Fants versatile 2mm wetsuits are ideal for uninterrupted fun in and out of the water.

fants wetsuit

Kids Wetsuits that are more comfortable and fun

FANTS unisex kids wetsuits encourage children to enjoy the beach by making it more comfortable and fun.

Being warm in the water means more time in the water, and full-length 100% UV protection means less time getting lathered in sunscreen (and *cough* the tedium of constant reapplication on kids who are wet and sandy!).

Set and forget solution

At 2mm thick, a summersuit can be comfortably worn for your entire beach session, in and out of the water. It’s a set and forget solution that makes a day at the beach more relaxing for both kids and parents.

Your child outgrows their Fants Wetsuit? Send it back!

The durability of a neoprene wetsuit means it’ll outlast a rash guard or lycra sunsuit by a nautical mile. And when your child has outgrown their FANTS wetsuit, you can send it back and get a new size at a 20% discount. Fants then put your old wettie in a secondhand market so another kid can enjoy it. The idea is to reduce the waste footprint by keeping the Fants kids wetsuits in circulation as long as possible.

No external branding

Fants don’t think kids should be walking billboards. That’s why you’ll never find any external branding on Fants wetsuits. They’d prefer to let delightful design speak for itself.

And we think it sure does!

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